English Teachers

English Teachers

DUTIES: General English teaching for both adults and children, will make notes and perform the responsibilities of a standard language teacher.


Must have a university degree preferably a degree in English language, certificates such as TEFL is required.

Must have good and easy English speaking assent.

HOURS: From 8 to 12 hours or more depending on the employer


VISA: Documents are provided by the employer for visa applications in home countries. The visa money will be refunded with employees first salary

FLIGHT TICKETS[ROUNDTRIP] Oneway ticket are provided and return ticket are given at the end of each contract

WORKING PERMIT: Permits are made for the duration of the contract and can be renewed when the need arises

ACCOMMODATION/MEAL: A place of stay is provided together with 3 meals a day in between snacks are available

SALARIES: 300 to 500 dollars are paid equivalent to Turkish liras, this varies depending on employers

NATIONALITY: Africa/Fluet English speakers. Knowing more than one international language is a bonus

DURATION/CONTRACT PERIOD: Seasonal/Temporarily/Permanently

COMMENCE DATE: Summer season

TYPE OF INTERVIEW: A video call via WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, and Skype


info@cyntonyjobsandtour.com with 2 full body photos and one passport size.